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democrats do not. the democrats control the senate. some say that the obama administration has blocked them from speaking to the survivors and saying they're stop that from happening and that the white house has something to hide. we'll continue to follow it. meantime, there is a buzz in washington over reports that america's former top diplomate may have been hacked. a hacker who calls himself guchifier, and identified himself as a former white house aide and may have obtained memos sent to former secretary of state. and the same hacker may have hacked the bush family and colin powell's facebook page and now set his sights on the former secretary of state. chris stirewalt, host of power play >> megyn: this hacker appears to have hacked, it's not the good kind of gucci. >> no, no, the bad goochically. >> megyn: he managed to hack a person very connected to the clintons and apparently obtained about four memos between blumenthal and mrs. clinton in the days immediately after september 11th, 2012 when she was being informed about what happened in benghazi. this was an interesting
lists. >>> vice-president joseph biden said the obama administration is not giving up on assault weapons. it will not be part of a gun control senate because it does not have enough votes to pass but it could still pass an amendment. vice-president joseph biden is speaking about the need for gun control this morning with the mayor meek bloomberg. >>> he met with a dozen different faiths yesterday when he was still cardinal he proposed they would legalize gay marriages but the idea was rejected. >>> some people say they are gay and will spread hate. the punishment is ugly. now pam girl is responsible for the -- pam is responsible for the ads and she said they are tee -- designed to hurt. >> if this is a small price i have to pay, it is a small price. >>> they have to run the ads because of freedom of speech but mount any will run a peace campaign at the same time as those controversial ads. >> according to new research, they favor same sex marriages and they have changed their views on the topic. it also says 44% are opposed to same sex march ram. >>> they are avoiding a them for six mont
. >>> vice-president joseph biden said the obama administration is not giving up on assault weapons. it will not be part of a gun control senate because it does not have enough votes to pass but it could still pass an amendment. vice-president joseph biden is speaking about the need for gun control this morning with the mayor meek bloomberg. >>> he met with a dozen different faiths yesterday when he was still cardinal he proposed they would legalize gay marriages but the idea was rejected. >>> some people say they are gay and will spread hate. the punishment is ugly. now pam girl is responsible for the -- pam is responsible for the ads and she said they are tee -- designed to hurt. >> if this is a small price i have to pay, it is a small price. >>> they have to run the ads because of freedom of speech but mount any will run a peace campaign at the same time as those controversial ads. >> according to new research, they favor same sex marriages and they have changed their views on the topic. it also says 44% are opposed to same sex march ram. >>>
. the obama administration has been so straightforward and honest. nancy pelosi, harry reid, they have been honest people of public service. the cost of obamacare is now, that was just the early estimate. it had moved up to $1.1 billion. did i say billion? trillion dollars. $1.2 trillion. >> look at this, quite interesting adjustments. $1.1 trillion. than $1.2 trillion. well, the current estimate is $1.3 billion. the pattern will continue. twenty-one new taxes. twenty-one new taxes that will amount to $675 billion. this is getting expensive. among the most controversial, 2.6% tax. another $43,000. house republicans voted last summer to repeal this that they had installed it in the senate. senator orrin hatch renew the effort today. he introduced a bipartisan amendment with nine democratic cosponsors to roll back that medical device attacks. so what about presidentspromised to cut health care insurance premiums? $2500 per family. one study commission that obamacare will increase the cost of a family plan by $7200. do any of you remember the original statement by the president and his team? t
a glimpse on what the obama administration has in store when it comes to both israeli and palestinian officials, richard. >> at least now from the pictures, atia, showing a visible simpatico. thank you. >>> new report this morning is sounding the alarm on the intelligence community. this morning's "the washington post" claims u.s. spy agencies are reportedly dropping the ball when it comes to key national security hot spots. now, these findings came out a 2012 panel of white house advisers including now defense secretary chuck hagel. "the post" saying agencies like the cia are ignoring places like china and the middle east to instead focus on current military operations and drone strikes. authorities say operations have been side-lined dating back more than a decade of conflict. the white house has not commented publicly on the report but recent remarks from top officials suggest they share the panel's concerns. >>> let's go to north korea now. issued a new threat to the united states. that country saying it will waste no time attacking u.s. mill area bases in japan and on the island
the obama administration is a fascist, socialist marxist dictatorship from which there can be no escape other than death. or is there another way out? jessica williams has more. >> with the divisive election behind us america's citizens are moving past partisan talking points to engage in a reasonable discussion of -- >> i hate the united states government. >> really? >> yes ma'am. >> why? >> because they are trying to oppress us. the united states government is retiring. >> right, okay. >> so apparently in texas people like larry and lynn are tired of living under the jackboot of a democratically elected government hell bent on stripping them of freedoms they hold dear. >> one of the things that texas is loves, you can still talk -- allows, you can still talk on the cell phone and text while you are driving. >> really? >> yes, that's how much freedom texans want to keep. >> and if we can't even decide on things like that, they are huge tyrants. >> jon: what does the word tyrant mean to you as opposed to what it means to everybody else. >> tyrant like hitler or lincoln who murders the p
's policy has been addressed. >> the obama administration saw a reformer. on the revolt started they backed u.n. diplomacy. then they bet on moscow to play a constructive role. predictably, none of this has worked. >> reporter: here in israel today netanyahu's new intelligence minister said, it is apparently clear chemical weapons were used in syria. the republican chairman of the house intligence committee said he believes chemical weapons were used by the regime with a caveat. >> there is a high probability that a chemical agent was used. again, i would like to see forensic evidence. >> reporter: the u.s. ambassador to syria is in this -- in the sea has been shuttered for more than a year pays on the question of chemical weapons. >> i cannot tell you what happened. i can tell you that we have a large team of people working on it right now. >> reporter: raising the stakes by saying the syrian regime has lost control the border with turkey. meanwhile, in jordan where the president will visit on friday, they are bracing not only for a potential refugee crisis, but also the possibility of ass
last year. leaders are live individual the obama administration ignored gitmo once again. >> military court of justice located at begin tan mow bay right now. once he is charged in a federal district court and he is protected has constitutional rights this guy is a terrorist. >> he is due back in federal court tomorrow. the accused fort hood shooter will face a jury this summer. testimony to begin july the 1st. sh she rejected nadal hassan's request to plead guilty to less er charges. hassan has been charged with killing 13 people during the master at fort hood in november 2009. >> it is another short term fix with one week to go the democratic controlled senate has passed a stopgap bill to keep the government running through the end of the fiscal year. as the measure provide $982 billion. the bill lost in the $85 billion of federal spending cuts that went into effect at the beginning of this month. the house is expected to approve the bill. it could vote as soon as today. >> there's a startling new figure out that shows at least 1 million children in the united states are autistic. d
in the legislation. it's up to the discretion of the obama administration. >> bret: obamacare turns three on saturday. if you look at the polling on the healthcare law, you will see that a total of 55 p.c., if you add them up, 55% want the law repealed in part or in its entirety. and 40% want to leave it as-is or expand it. obamacare three years later. back with the panel. steve? >> certainly, it's the case what the president promised is not what we are actually seeing right now. yes, there is expanded coverage. the idea that the obama care would be deficit-neutral and control costs i think has turned out to be a charade. if you look at the longer term projections it looks especially more unlikely today than it did when they were engaged in the budget that allowed it to pass. what i think is interesting on the political side is how republicans are treating the issue right now. there is a debate inside the republican party whether it's wise to continue talking about obamacare. on one hand you have a group that says in effect this is over, this is done, we should tweak it, try to improve it, do what we
the obama administration you hear much more of a neutral message. >> that's right, anderson. and the two people we heard in congress are greater among equals, let's say. it's the chairman of the house intelligence committee, mike rogers, and the chairwoman of the senate intelligence committee, dianne feinstein. they admitted they had been briefed. this isn't their opinion. and that's an awkward fact for the obama administration. the president is in the region, we're hearing now from officials that it's going to take a couple days for them to determine whether or not a chemical weapon is used. and let's be honest. by then, president obama will be out of the region, safely back here and in a better position to make a decision. >> john, you're there in israel for the president's visit. has this changed the tone, the tenor of the president's trip? >> without a doubt. look, the nuclear confrontation with iran is still number one. with the president sitting down with prime minister netanyahu to talk issues. but anderson, i'm in jerusalem, 135 miles to damascus. because of the threat of chemica
into guantanamo, a senior u.s. military leader offers some candid comments about the obama administration's failure to shut it down. >> good morning. >> the national school of character. >> today is march 21st, 2013. >> and this is "the daily rundown." >>> thanks so much to the first grade class at the lielyles-cro traditional academy. good morning, how can you not be happy about that. i even got a shoutout as you heard. chuck todd is in ramallah with the president and we'll be hearing from him in just a minute. >>> president obama left jerusalem this morning to head to the west bank where he met with president mahmoud abbas. he was greeted by a crowd this morning as only the third sitting u.s. president to visit the palestinian territories. just hours before he headed into the west bank, palestinian militants fired a pair of rockets from hamas-controlled gaza. they landed in southern israel, but no one was injured. president obama rejected that violence and said he was committed to a two-state solution in the future and he was very specific about what the u.s. wants to see. >> we seek an
are sharper. >> all right. so while the obama administration and liberal allies continue to pretend they're losing sleep over the apocalyptic sequester that's going to ruin your life ap the country. the federal government continues to waste your hard earned tax dollars every day on outrageous and completely unnecessary programs. according to cns news the government has spent 3.8 million tax dollars in 2011, 2012 on a study aiming to decrease elephant-human conflict. and the study about the genitalia of ducks, i didn't make that up. and the list goes on. according to senator tom coburn's office more than $600,000 federal dollars on a wine tasting trip, and another $700,000 on music trails in north carolina, and $300,000 on elvis presley music cruise along the augusta canal, and more than $600,000 to ukrainian easter egg workshop, whatever the hell that is. they can't open the white house for children, but they can justify all of this garbage? and joining me dana lash is with us. and democratic strategist penny lee is here as well. penny lee, he said we can't open the white house, the pres
day. how well do they >> the obama administration is got not giving up on assault weapons ban. >> the vice president and families who lost loved ones in sandy hook school shooting pushed back a bit. >> mark matthews is here with the latest. >> the vice president in new york today pushing the agenda on gun safety and on this issue the white house has a friend in new york and supports from families in newton. connecticut. >> i ask everybody to stand up and speak out. >> a call to action. families lost loved ones in the massacre join vice president biden and new york mayor bloomberg today continuing their push for stricter gun laws despite learning some key elements of a bill will be left out when it goes to a vote in the senate. >> it's up owe to us. all of us to convince members of congress that it's an everyone's interest to act now. >> senate majority lead year announced tuesday bans on assault weapons and magazines don't have enough votes to pass. and will not be included in a proposed bill. saying she'd done our best it and was not good enough. >> tell me how it violates a
motivated decision? we'll discussion. ♪ ♪ >> andrea: the obama administration released more than 2,000 illegal immigrants from custody blaming the sequester. many think politics is to blame not to force the budget cut. many have records and they grilled them about it yesterday on the hill. >> did you release recidivist drunk drivers? >> we have released many individuals who had dui offenses. >> congress has not provided that a d.u.i. is a ground of removal. most misdemeanors are not ground of removal. i can't order you removed for committing a d.u.i. >> you can request progress mattic rescheduling to move money around. you could have found $600 to keep the level one violators being released. don't act like you could not have. >> andrea: thousands released and many criminals. now forced to explain the decision. but we know that they have released them. tell the world what you said before the commercial break. it's politically tone deaf. >> this has been going on a long time. most, vast majority of the people are not people with criminal records. the decisions were made at the bureau
, the obama administration here in the northern district of california. welcome to the stop bullying summit. i'm a federal prosecutor so it may seem odd that here we are talking about bullying and we asked all of you to be here and i want to explain the origin of that and why this happened. you people, everybody in this room, has been involved in this issue and is doing incredible work on this issue and we were so honored to be a part of it and to meet with all of you and to speak with you about it. the origin is that as the united states attorney, the administration wants me, wants all the united states attorneys, to go out into the community. it's actually a very different role for the united states attorney is envisioned by this administration. this administration, the president, attorney general holder, they want the u.s. attorneys to go out into the attorney to talk to the communities in our district to understand what the issues are and challenges are and to do what we can to help, to convene meetings, to do whatever we can to help on behalf of the administration. and as part of tha
. >>> the obama administration says this committed to closing gitmo efforts which have been reportedly blocked by congress. >>> with pope francis already carving out his own leadership style, there are new details about where he may stand on some significant issues. in an interview last year the then archbishop floated the possibility of an eventual change to the church's rule of celibacy for priests. he also spoke about his own struggles after being dazzled by a woman he met at a wedding during his training to become a priest. however, francis says for now the discipline of celibacy stands firm. the pope criticized church leaders who covered up abuse of children. he said relocating predator priests was "stupid idea" adding "you cannot be in a position of power and destroy the life of another person." the book featuring that interview is published in the english version this may. >>> to business now where wall street is coming off another winning session after ben bernanke reaffirmed the federal reserve's position to keep interest rates low until the economy shows stronger signs of growth. for
california before moving to somalia. both are on the 10 most wanted terrorist list. >>> the obama administration say they're not giving up on the assault weapons ban. it will not be part of gun control debate next month because it does not have the votes to pass it could get a vote in congress as an amendment. biden is expected to report. >>> pope francis once suggested a compromise to gay marriage. he met with leaders from a dozen different faiths yesterday when he was still cardinal in 2010, he proposed that is church support civil unions as a compromise to legalizing gay marriage. >>> controversy surrounds a new campaign. some say that these ads are antigay and hateful. here are some of the examples, the punishment of homosexuality is the death penalty and homosexuality is ugly they say the ads call the attention to the dangers gays are facing while under islamic law >> what she's doing is trying to portray muslims and arabs as all being antigay >> they have to run the ads because of freedom of speech. >>> a new survey finds fewer than half of likely california voters support t
what he says tomorrow to the people because that is how the obama administration is framing this trip. not as a diplomatic coup, but really as a person-to-person mission. israelis just don't know him. you know-- >> john: especially netanyahu's brother, apparently, who said some very unkind things about the president's stand toward israel. >> well, i think there is suspicion. much of that is based on because there has not been that much of this kind of contact. in 2009 the president went to kay row and gave an amazing speech there and traveled the middle east, but many israelis felt neglected. now he's taking care of that. >> and we know the palestinians feel neglected as well. maysoon let me ask you. we all have high hopes where the president hopes to reignite talk of a two-state solution. but give the amount of settlements has a two-state solution just become a pipe dream. >> first of all i think it's interesting how they're framing the itinerary for the president tomorrow. he's going to speak with the palestinian leadership, and then he's going to give a speech to the israelis. as i
. the obama administration saw assad as a reformer in the works. then it bet on moscow to play a constructive role. this is the assad who is bombing villages in syria. this is the assad who is ordering teenagers tortured. frankly, he is engaged in murdering his populist. the ancient city is now in ruins. 70,000 syrians are dead. a million refugees has spilled into neighboring countries. destabilizing those countries. there are troubling reports that assad might be moving to unleash chemical weapons. the u.s. has been generous in supporting suffering serious, -- suffering syrians, but perhaps naÏvely so. theas been funneled through un and other international organizations that are restricted to areas controlled by the syrian regime. that is absurd. only recently has the u.s. begun to push food aid directly to the syrian opposition. that shift should accelerate dramatically. i really wonder about providing any humanitarian aid through the un that ends up going to the regime at all. it indirectly helps assad and therefore presumably prolongs the conflict and the human suffering. humanitarian ni
. >> it is a metaphor for the obama administration. what they do is ignore fracking in the keystone pipeline. >> the metaphor is the car on the trailer being towed away. it is the ups i'm tent in the region. >> let me ask you something. how much will they get done? >> they won't get much of anything done other than the symbolism. obama will tell netanyahu unpleasant things, but you won't hear a word of it. it will be pictures of them joking around and yucking it up. it will be in their political advantage to do it. >> speaking of something you said. isn't it like mom and dad putting on a good show for the kids, but secretly they are going to get divorced? >> i don't think it was a compliment to begin with. if you threw a party and invited everyone you knew, you would see the biggest gift is from me. and they would say, thank you for being a friend. subtext, bring me a present, obama. in conclusion evie is greedy and blamp -- and blanch was a whore. >> you are saying that because you dated bea arthur in the 80s and there was a lot of strive. >> let it be. >> let it be indeed. she was quite th
for common sense federal gun laws. the obama administration is not giving up on an assault weapons ban although senate democrats dropped it from the gun control package. the democrats were concerned that opposition to the ban would sink the entire bill. biden is still pushing for the ban and says the will of the people will prevail. >> a new milestone for youtube with a 18 -- a billion people watching each mother on par with facebook, that is giving the mountain view based owner, google, a way to sell ads beyond the internet search engine. >> another huge jackpot after no one got six numbers for a 12th drawing. the jackpot is estimated to be $320ment which would be the biggest pay out so far this year, the third powerball jackpot to exceed $250 million the past year and is played in 42 states but not in california. yet. california stores will start selling powerball tickets april 8, in 2 1/2 weeks so if there is no win then, you might have a chance. of course, mechanic member will have more on the powerball craze coming up at 7:00. >> which is closer, oregon or nevada? >> whichever you
that briefing. >> yeah. very interesting what's happening because remember, when the obama administration intervened in libya, they used a doctrine that came out of samantha power, one of obama's top national security advisors during the first term and that doctrine was called, responsibility to protect. so when there are, when there's a severe humanitarian crisis, when civilians are being threatened, that was the doctrine they used to justify going into libya and overthrowing qaddafi. in this case the civil war has been going on 19 months. we have 70,000 people dead. yet that doctrine didn't kick in yet. if in fact chemical agents have been used here, i think that would be the tripwire for the administration but the question is not being asked, why haven't you intervened yet? if this is consistent doctrine throughout our administration whether it was egypt, libya, you name it, why haven't you intervened? do you need the red line in this case and why? bill: what do you think? >> again i think monica is right. we led from behind in libya. i was disquieted by that we pulled out of iraq. aga
terror, which has grown 700% under the obama administration. the man who signs off on the kill list from a basement office in the white house, john brennan, unpakistan alone, there have been more than 300 drone strikes in the last decade, killing thousands of al-qaeda and taliban but more than 300 civilians, as well. a world away, in remote village you can hear them, like a decides stand muted chain saw. michael: and that, of course is abc news covering that story. we invite now lindsay moran the author of blowing my cover with, my life as a c.i.a. spy. lindsay, thanks for coming on "the young turks." >> thanks for having me. michael: we don't know as americans this is unusual for the intelligence community to be working so tightly with the military. >> we've always supported the military and they've supported us. where we've seen a huge shift particularly with this drone program is that the c.i.a. seems to be less and less in the business of gathering and analyzing intelligence, and much more in the business of targeting people for drone strikes. i think it's time to take stock of that
care plans, holding meetings to defeat them early in the obama administration, well before congress started its work to pass what became obamacare. we asked senate minority leader why republicans continue to fight the law even if republicans take over the senate and white house in 2016, the benefits will have started then, and americans will refuse to give them up, and mcconnell says that's not so. >> that's what the left hopes, but in the meantime, the cost of premiums is going up, people find out they can't necessarily keep the plans that the president said you could keep, and, in fact, none was promises made are happying, and they are not going to happen, so if you believe it can't possibly work and we're in a representative democracy, hopefully democrats with start responding to pressure to give us an opportunity to begin to blast big holes in it, and in my view, it needs to be pulled out root and branch, and the first opportunity that we have to do that, if the american people give us enough support to do that, we're going to do it. >> republicans pointed to this, a copy of the
into office in 2009, the obama administration put a great deal of emphasis on settlements, seemed to side with the palestinian view that there should be a moratorium on settlements. that was something the prime minister was willing to do for a short period of time, ten months, but was not willing to do again. there seems to be some flexibility in the palestinian position, but look, there's a real lack of trust between prime minister netanyahu and president abbas. the ability of the president to kind of bridge that gap is going to take probably months before you see potential start of negotiations. you know, the middle east peace process will consume much of the president's second term in office. >> a lot of this will depend on his relationship with both of these men, the president's relationship with both of these men. if you saw some encouraging signs with netanyahu, let me play for you what abbas had to say after what he called useful talks. let's listen. all right. we don't have it, but i'm going to read it to you. president obama said, if we're going to succeed, part of what we're goi
administrations and a former obama adviser as well. so clinton bush and obama, all of the above. first of all to you, jeffrey, your reaction to the speech today. you were there in the hall, the feeling from the young people. admittedly, more supportive of obama perhaps than the overall israeli public. >> maybe, but i mean many university students do lean right. most amazing thing about it for me was a huge ovation when president obama called for the creation of a palestinian state in different iterations and i was thinking when i was in there, if he had given that speak at an apec convention in washington, he might have been booed. i'm trying to imagine what arab audiences across the muslim world were thinking when they saw israelis cheer obama for calling, for palestinian state. it was kind of a brief moment of possibility there. >> and dennis, you spent so many years trying to make this happen, do you think in retrospect, that the administration got off on the wrong foot with prime minister netenyahu, the cairo speech, not following it up perhaps and calling for the settlement freeze in yea
with election day for you, trying to blend the obama administration for the mess in this country, where the public overwhelmingly believed it was george bush and republican congress have made that mess. >> i would suggest that romney did not do a good job of letting people have the facts that would cause them to hold the obama administration accountable for their policies. i do not take the difference and what you are saying -- two beganthese to expand-- we want the conversation because we want to include questions. >> i am sorry, but having worked for governor romney and president bush, i feel obliged to make a couple of points. >> take your time. [laughter] >> the bush library opens next week, and i believe as people look at his record compared to president obama's record, it will stack up very well, and history will be kind to him. in terms of governor romney, there are things the campaign did wrong. there is a lot of reflection on that. i think governor romney would have made a good president, and i would say also in terms of lessons learned, one of the lessons i learned is instead
controversial situation. the obama administration releasing illegal aliens from prison who have been convicted of crimes in this country. >> did you release any resittist drunk drivers? >> yes. >> how many? >> i don't have the exact number, but we have released many individuals who had dui offenses. >> repeat offender dui. >> repeat offender dui. congress has not provided that dui is a ground of removal. in fact most misdemeanors is not a ground of removal. it's the agency by agency policy that factors that in. i can't order you removed for having committed a dui offense. >> no, you can't, director but you certainly can request a rescheduling so you can move money around. this notion that you don't want to rob peter to pay paul, you could have easily done that you could have found $600 to keep these level one violators from being released and don't act like you could not have. here now uma. number of drunk drivers who have killed americans. very troubling. what was this hearing. >> house judiciary committee hearing looking at the fallout from the release of those 2,000 plus detainees who were
of immigrants after the obama administration eagerly blamed the release of detainees included aggravated felons and repeat dui offenders on the sequester apocalypse, it's about time someone had the courage to question the recklessness, the stupidity of this decision. watch this. >> the release of aggravated felons does not rise to the level of something that the secretary of the department of homeland security should know about, what does rise to the level? if you release thousands of people every day? >> we release thousands of people every month. we operate in the system that we had 4 hundred and-- >> you don't blame it on sequestration? dui would be a misdemeanor, right. dui first offense? how about second offense. >> depends on state law. >> how about the states where you relle? did you release any recidivist drunk drivers? >> yes. >> how many? >> i don't have the exact number, but we have released many individuals who had dui offenses. >> repeat offender dui. >> repeat defender dui. >> and request reschedule to move moan around. the nation that you didn't want to rob peter to pay paul. you
's notebook looks at the challenge for the obama administration to bridge the understanding gap on what americans actually know about the affordable care act. all that and more is on our website hari? >> sreenivasan: and that's the "newshour" for tonight. tomorrow night, part three of our series about how high speed broadband connections are changing our communities. i'm hari sreenivasan. >> brown: and i'm jeffrey brown. we'll see you online and again here tomorrow evening with mark shields and david brooks, among others. thank you and good night. >> major funding for the pbs newshour has been provided by: >> and the william and flora hewlett foundation, working to solve social and environmental problems at home and around the world. >> and with the ongoing support of these institutions and foundations. and... >> this program was made possible by the corporation for public broadcasting. and by contributions to your pbs station from viewers like you. thank you. captioning sponsored by macneil/lehrer productions captioned by media access group at wgbh >>
no it doesn't because the obama administration has relied on a policy known as signature strikes where people are targeted in certain regions of pakistan or yemen based on where they live and if they're military age males. so what we've seen and these are escalating is that people are being killed by the u.s. government and they don't even know their identity. what i've seen in my reporting on the ground in somalia, yemen, and elsewhere is we'll have tremendous blowback from this if we don't take a serious step back and look at the impact on the ground of the drone strikes. >> how about that? you've written about whether in pakistan these drone strikes create more terrorists than they kill as jeremy argued. >> well, what we actually look at is public opinion. what is interesting, everyone knows pakistanis tend to dislike the drones in the major cities. what we don't actually know is what pakistanis think about the drones in the tribal areas. in my own travels on pakistan i find that people, the closer they are to the drones the less willing they are to say they hate them. in part because they
"the daily beast", it appears the obama administration has made a decision that they are going to shift the authority for the use of drones overseas from the cia to the pentagon. that was reported by the "daily beast." richard good to have you with us. >> how are you? >> bill: why this shift? >> when we talk about the drone program we talk about it generally as one single entity but for years the u.s. government has been running two parallel drone programs one by the cia and one by the pentagon and the programs operate in somewhat different ways. the pentagon's program is a little bit more transparent, so when the pentagon decides to put somebody on their targeting list, there is a little bit more of a process across the government bureaucracy. the president himself has a little bit more direct input into the pentagon's process, and the cia's process is very internal to the cia. it's a little bit more closed and there are fewer of those kind of checks and balances that you have with the pentagon. so the thinking here is that this is a way at least within the govern
in the president obama administration. >> this is something that president clinton really focused on. a lot of progress was made. we saw in president obama's first term a reluctance to dive into this. maybe because he couldn't find a solution. he left most of this to secretary of state hillary clinton. now i think this trip is to sort of shore up and do some of the things he couldn't get done in that first term and show israel we are really there for him. it's been a successful trip so far for him. >> you have spent a lot of time in the region. what's the significance of john kerry being there before the president and staying there after the president leaves. >> i think it shows this is more than just a photo-op. the white house is trying to downplay expectations but at the same time, they're laying the groundwork for greater involvement and more discussions. we will see if the secretary of state is able to achieve anything after the president leaves. let me ask you this. when we were in break, you expressed skepticism about this kind of process. not the sort of thing you want to hear from
the 7th. for whatever reason it was never really delineated and explained. the obama administration opposed it. if that had been on the floor, probably would have gotten 85 or 90 votes. for whatever reason, the democratic leadership would not agree so it never came up. they did not get extra wiggle room. also republicans brought up a plan that would have moved around $2 million and allowed the white house to remove public tours. the democrats voted against that. so a little politicking from both sides as to what was being picked and how the winners and losers came out. >> now we have 2013 settled we can look ahead to 2014. any progress in that regard? >> yeah. voted 221-207 to approve the outline for next year. i don't like to call it a budget. it's just an outline that lays out the basics for what they want to do. the senate will have to approve their own outline. the democrats relying on a trillion dollars in new tax increases. republicans with zero in the way. they envision the gop getting rid of the spending. the democrats do not. i don't know where those two plans come together
. madam president, this is largely provoked by the actions of the obama administration justice department half been fighting states that are trying to institute federal i.d.'s. that is allowed under federal law, and several states are doing that, doing it properly -- texas, south carolina -- but this justice department is trying to shut that down, even though it's allowed by federal law. interesting, that assault on states trying to do their job, trying do things properly, has been made by the head of the civil rights division at justice, thomas perez, who is now nominated for labor secretary. this amendment and this proposal would clarify it by actually requiring photo i.d.'s for voting in federal elections. we require photo i.d.'s for traveling at airports. we require photo i.d.'s for going into a conditions. we require photo i.d.'s for a myriad of things, including visiting the white house. surely, it's a very legitimate, simple requirement that doesn't disenfranchise anyone to make sure the integrity of our election system is preserved. and i urge my colleagues to support this amendme
to happen was not actually written in the legislation, it is up to the discretion of the obama administration. >> reporter: now, all that's creating uncertainty which the federal reserve found is discouraging companies from hiring. others are cutting employees' hours to avoid government mandates. >> obamacare as a health care issue may, in fact, become secondary to obamacare as a jobs issue. >> reporter: obamacare was almost universal coverage and lower costs as you said, jon, but the congressional budget office is now saying as many as 44 million people could still be without insurance after the law takes effect. many republicans and even several democrats are trying to roll back some of the taxes or make other changes, even repeal it before next january when it takes full effect. jon? jon: 44 million people without insurance? >> reporter: could be, yep. cbo's starting to look at the numbers and trying to figure out how many are left. a lot of it is because of the poor, because you won't have expansion of medicaid, how many of those are go on subsidy, we don't though. will it
in office that we or the israelis will attack iran? speak i think there's almost no chance obama administration will attack iran. i don't think we will help the israelis, they will not ask our permission if they decide to do with. they did not ask permission when they destroyed the north korean reactor. the president has done everything he can in his first term to pressure israel not take military action. i think he is content to do that in this visit. i don't think he will show any visit on that. my guess would be yes, unless the u.s. pressure is too great. they have struck programs in the hands of states, iraq in 1991 and i don't think i want a group of religious fanatics possessing nuclear weapons. stuart: do you think is what is saying right now, don't do it? if you do it, we will take it out on you? >> in the first few years he has said israel if you attack iran's nuclear program, we will not resupply the planes of the things you lose in the course of that attack and that is a serious threat because i ran to tell you she hezbollah from lebanon. they need protection against t
of 177 million. over 1 million for each of the 166 detainees. the obama administration says it's committed to closing gitmo efforts which have been repeatedly blocked by congress. >> not just blocked by congress. you can't just -- >> that's ridiculous. >> you're worried the people will get tortured and killed. >> no, back into action. >> you can't just release them. what it is -- we used to teach at the kennedy school when i was a professor there the difference. it seemed like a good idea at the time. the more people learned about it, they realize you try to do would make a bad situation worse. this is a good example of policy continuity -- >> hold on one second. $10 million. you don't have white house doors but $10 million being spent for a legal meeting complex where lawyers can meet. >> what are you for? opening it or closing it? >> you got the mlb -- >> i get they do have the mlb package! >> bob bowman did that for them. >> it's something. what else you got? >> i was going to talk about the pope but you went on too long. bantering about gitmo. >> what did the pope say? >> i
. >> obama said he would prefer to resolve the issue diplomatically. he said would in his administration would do whatever ask necessary to keep the iranians from obtaining nuclear weapons. netanyahu thanked obama for reaffirming the right to defend themselves against threats. >> foremost is iran's pursuit of nuclear weapons. >> he said he appreciated u.s. efforts to stop the iranian nuclear program. he said those tools must be augmented by a clear and credible threat of military action. >>> police in south korea are investigating what they suspect is a cyber attack against the media and financial institutions. computer networks at key media outlets and major banks shut down, leaving employees staring at blank monitors and people unable to withdraw cash from atms. >>> south korea's public broadcaster says the network suddenly froze affecting thousands of computers. police say two other broadcasters reported similar problems. company officials warned employees not to allow the problem to spread further. >>> spokespersons for shinhan bank say their automatic teller machines stopped working
itself. i look forward to working with all of you and the obama administration my colleagues on this critical task we have before us and i'm happy to return to -- for any comments. see i have to go to the floor to object to the lack of amendments that are being made available on the continuing resolution so i won't able to hear your testimony. i have looked at in my staff is thoroughly vetted and i have summaries of all of it and i will enter my statement to the earth. i just have to make a comment. i love tom carper but the tone of climate change and the reality of what we have actually seen and what the predictions have been, there is not a connection with that and as a scientist who has looked at the science we still have a long way to go to prove out what has been made as fact and senator carper statements in terms of climate change -- to the system to hearing about climate change. this is a thing about response to hurricane sandy and i look forward to coming back and offering questions. i would also say i am very proud of fema's response so far. they have done a great jo
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